May 18, 2010

Full bread crumb trail for SharePoint 2010?

SharePoint 2010 doesn't include the same kind of bread crumb trail in it's master page as MOSS2007 did. However, the default.master in 2010 does include it so if you or your customer should want to have a full bread crumb trail on your siter, you can always dig the SDK for it or copy the original from the default.master - which I found easier and faster:
asp:sitemappath id="ContentMap" nodestyle-cssclass="ms-sitemapdirectional" runat="server" sitemapprovider="SPContentMapProvider" skiplinktext="" -- /asp:sitemappath

[edit: May 19. 2011
At some point this year one of my customers wanted to have the same breadcrumb displayed on every site in their environment, independent of the type of the site. This caused a problem: the publishing version wasn't sufficient, but the classic version shows too much (displays the Pages library in the breadcrumb). So I found the solution in a custom breadcrumb, made by the guys at Sininen Meteoriitti:

edit: April 16. 2012
After using the custom breadcrumb by Sininen Meteoriitti for a while, I discovered that I actually don't need any custom classes, custom code, to achieve what I needed. It took me this long to write about it, but now it is in my blog: A Consistent Breadcrumb Trail Experience]

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Matt Hughes said...

I just created my own breadcrumb and added my own styling to it. Didn't know it was inthe SDK though so that was useful.