May 18, 2010

Enable browser scrolling in SharePoint2010

In SharePoint 2010 v4 type master pages, the ribbon is initially set so that it doesn't scroll along with the page. This is done by a css rule for div id "s4-workspace" and by setting the overflow-rule of body tag as hidden.  Also, for this same reason there is this scroll="no" attribute set for body tag. These settings, however, may result in totally missing scrollbars in wider set-width layouts so you may want to change these settings and have the browser scroll bars back in use. 

1) Remove the scroll="no" setting  in body tag
2) Override the overflow-rule of body-tag in your own css stylesheet (you need to set it !important) or change it in the head section of the master page, where it is initially set
3) Either remove the s4-workspace div or id, or override it's overflow-rule as well

This should do the trick!

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