Oct 6, 2015

Scoped search results predefined empty

Many are the things you think should be simple in SharePoint, and yet they're not. Another day, another little issue to solve. 

We have made this JavaScript listing of subsites inside a site collection. A site directory. For certain reasons the Content Search Web Part nor the Table of Contents was the thing. That aside, I'm not going into that more deeply here, the other thing that was needed there, was the ability to search the directory.

One would imagine, that it would be simple enough to add a search box to the page, and a search results web part, and then configure it to show only results for search box queries, and show nothing unless a query is made.

Not so much. Not a big deal either, but requires a couple of tricks.

First of all, you need to set the query for the results web part. In this case, there are three things to set up: 
  1. The results need to be restricted to this site (or site collection, depending on where you're setting this up) only
  2. The results need to be site item type only
  3. The results need to be restricted instead of filtered by the search box query (as would be the default, the results web part showing a listing of all sites unless a query is made)
With all this noted, the query would look like this:
{?{searchTerms} path:"https://YourSiteOrSiteCollectionPath"  contentclass:STS_Web}

This can be either typed in, or if you need to modify the result types etc. use whatever query settings are provided. Just be sure to wrap the whole thing inside the {parentheses} with the
?{searchTerms}at the very beginning of the clause.

In the web part properties you might want to tick off some of the settings like eg. choose to not show the adanced search link, preferences link, language dropdown etc. The setting you won't find there, even though the search results display template actually hints that it should be there, is to select "Show nothing when there are no results". The Content Search Web Part does have this setting, so I was kinda surprised.

This just means, that when no query has been made or it does not provide results, you will see all these suggestions and tips in the web part:

In order to be rid of those (or at least the suggestions), depending on what you want - in this case, the web part needed to be completely empty unless there were some search results to show - you need to modify the display template for the search results. I.e. download a copy of the default one, make the necessary changes and upload your modified one to the gallery. 

All the display templates of a site collection are located in the Master Pages gallery, Display templates folder. Search results display template is in the Search folder. Download a copy of the original html file.

Open the downloaded file in an editor (I prefer Notepad...) and search for the div with the id of NoResult.

<div id="NoResult">

Inside that div you can see a bunch of JavaScript and html. If you only wish to get rid of the suggestions, delete only the <ul> element from the page, or replace it with something of your own. 

As it went, I wanted nothing to be shown unless there were some results, so I emptied the NoResult div completely. 

Change the title of your template (third row of the template) and save it locally with a new name. Upload your modified template to the same Search directory of the Display templates as the original one. Don't worry about any .js files; SharePoint will generate it upon upload. 

You most probably will need to publish your template before it can be used in the web part. When this is done, navigate back to the page with the search results web part you are setting up and open the we part properties. (Note, the page needs to be saved and reopened for editing before it can find the new display template)

In the Display Templates settings select your modified template.

Save web part properties, save (and publish) page and the search is ready.

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