Feb 10, 2012

Language Pack and corev4.css

One of the customers I've done a branding solution for very commonly uses monitors with the resolution of 1024x768. So the SharePoint site layout needed to be optimized for this 1024px width (actually, 1000px, for the scrollbar takes up the 24px or so). Things were tight, but ok, except for one tiny detail.

The topcontainer containing the organization logo, their intranet name and the social notification links broke to two rows in their environment, but not in ours. The cause of this was, I found out, the language specific corev4.css file. In the English (1033) one, the socialnotif width is 120px, but in the Finnish one (1035) it is double! So no wonder. This wasn't how I'd planned the layout!

Problem was of course solved easily as soon as I detected it. But note to self: never overlook the language pack - it changes more than just the language.

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