Jun 1, 2011

Tip: Hide QuickLaunch On Single Page With CEWP

Usually when a SharePoint-site is branded, the visibility of left navigation / QuickLaunch is determined in a various set of master pages and/or in page layouts. However, if you want to hide the left navigation on any given page, without changing the master page or page layout, this can be aquired easily enough by inserting some hidden html code on the page inside a hidden Content Editor Web Part.
  1. First you need to insert a Content Editor Web Part on your page, anywhere you want to - remember, it will be hidden!
  2. Click to dit the web part
  3. Convert the webpart into XHTML on the ribbon, Format text tab, HTML-menu:
  4. Then in the same menu, click Edit HTML Source
  5. Insert the following code into the editor:
  6. Click OK
  7. In the Web Part properties, set Chrome type to None to hide the webpart on the page.
And that's it. This is of course always removable, simply edit the page again and you will see the hidden web part and be able to close or delete it from the page.

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