Feb 11, 2010

Expression Blend & TFS

The first two versions of Expression Blend didn't work with Team Foundation Server, but Blend 3 does. It has been listed as one of the Top 10 new features in Expression Blend 3. However, TFS needs to be configured just a bit in order to be Blend-compatible, a patch (KB967483) needs to be installed for it to work.

Apparently Visual Sourcesafe still isn't really supported by Blend. There has been talk about getting the support in some future version, but might it be that what Microsoft really want's is for companies to start using TFS and thus skip the Blend support for VSS altogether?

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Jouni Heikniemi said...

Particularly with TFS now becoming easier and easier to deploy (not to mention cheaper) with the VS 2010 SKUs, I see little reason to waste effort on supporting VSS.

That said, I have no idea on the roadmap of the VSS support, but given Microsoft's general desire to get people off of it, I wouldn't be surprised if support for VSS never landed.