Dec 10, 2009

Getting on with SharePoint 2010 beta2

I've been fiddling with Office and SharePoint 2010 since summer, since the Technical Preview. Now I finally got the chance to re-install it all - actually, decided to build up a whole new virtual machine instead of un-installing and re-installing. I'm running this machine on VMware Station, hosted on Win7 and I like it. More than the Hyper-V hosted on Server 2008R2.

This virtual machine of mine runs WinServer 2008R2 and on top of it I installed SharePoint 2010 beta2, prerequisites first (they come in the same download), SP installation next and the configuration wizard then. And all went well until step 8/10 of the wizard. Then it informed me that it couldn't create sample data plus a couple other errors and end of wizard. No, I hadn't had the mind to google installation instructions, shame on me. I stated this failure out loud and got the tip: I was missing a hotfix.

So, to avoid making the same time-consuming mistake I made. be sure to download and install the appropriate .NET 3,5 sp1 (WCF) hotfix for WinServer2008R2 and Win7 on your server before installing SharePoint 2010! It did seem to work the wrong way round too, for after the configuration wizard failed, I downloaded the hotfix, installed it, rebooted the server and ran the configuration wizard again, now with a successful outcome.

After this I made two essential configurations on my server: first I turned off the IE ESC in server manager (to make IE browsing less restricted and thus easier), secondly I turned off Kernel mode in Windows authentication in IIS management.

As for my testing and demo environment I didn't really do much other configurations. A standalone server with 2GB ram seems ok for my purposes. For more information on SharePoin2010 beta isntallation in a bigger environment, see Jie Li's Installation note for SharePoint2010 Public Beta.

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